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Friday, December 13, 2013
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A Philadelphia Army-Navy tradition, the Patriot games is an exciting two-day competition between teams of Cadets and Midshipmen.  Points are earned through four different events.  The team with the most points will win this year's bragging rights and be presented with the Patriot Games trophy between quarters at the Army-Navy Game.  

Rocky Relay, Fri. Dec. 13 @ 8:30am

Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 26th & Ben Franklin Parkway (open to the Public)                                                   As the sun rises, so do the Cadets & Mids as they run a relay up the famous "Rocky Steps." Strength and speed will    be tested and only the winners say "Yo, I did it!"

Leadership Reaction Course, Fri. Dec. 13 @ 10:00am

Independance Visitor Center, Market Street between 5th & 6th (Open to the Public)                                                             The course will be revealed to the participants at the start of the challenge. Leaders receive a mission, brainstorm,    execute, and readjust to complete it under a time restraint. The course includes mental and physical obstacles that    can only be overcome with leadership & teamwork.

  Pull-Up Challenge, Fri. Dec. 13 @ Noon

The Shops at Liberty Place, 16th & Chestnut St. (Open to the Public)                                                                                   Amid the cheering and pep bands at the official Pep Rally, the Cadets & Mids have to concentrate and complete as many pull-ups as possible.

Tug-Of-War, Fri. Dec. 13 @ 3:00pm

USS New Jersey Battleship, Camden, NJ (Admission Ticket Required)                                                                               One the deck of the USS New Jersey, the Cadets & Mids will see who has the determination and strength to win the    Tug-of-War competition!

 Stadium Obstacle Relay, Sat. Dec. 14 @ 1:15pm

Lincoln Financial Field (Game Ticket Required)                                                                                                                               It all comes down to game day and a Stadium Obstacle Relay to determine this year's Patriot Games champion!


Saturday, December 14 , 2013
3:00 P.M.

December 13, 2013
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